In the midst of California's drought, Prop 1 asks this: Should the state spend $7.5 billion from bonds (which are like loans that the state takes out against itself with interest, paid for by taxpayers) to build state and local projects to improve water supply and water quality? For over half of these funds, local governments would have to match 50% of the cost if the project benefits their area. Question is: Would these proposed projects be right ones to fund? You decide.

Imaginary Forces and Otis College of Art and Design

Design and Animation: Julie Moon, Chloe Woo, Meira Kim

Voice Overs: Franceska Bucci, Eric Mason

After the votes came to an end, we received an award from the Los Angeles city council by helping over 5 million Californians understand how to vote on ballot propositions. These videos were broadcast on ABC channels and are available online.